hawkE...taking to the skiies
an introduction into myself.
and into the thoughts of a mad (recovered), introvert who has his own clear answer to all lifes questions.
unlocking the power of the mind...one post at a time :)

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Knightlights LP

Help get my first LP to 100 Downloads this one include hits like XXXXX, I’d Prefer Michael, Kabalabam, Tee Peed, 8BitMadness ➕ many more !!!! New music coming sooooooon


1. Love is motivating my spirit
2. IMY, so.ul search
3. Light of a Saint
4. Clairvoyance between us (I can feel u thinking of me)
5. Stuck in the Moment
6. All of it

This shit b#TURNT

Can I make you live forever in the abyss of wilderness.
I’d prefer to assist the bliss of your enchantment.
I’d could never admit you bewilderment.
I am love. Get in me”” :)

ELECTRO/DANCE Pop Love Song of mine! Prod. by Johnnybp! (Myself) of course…Take a listen. :D Lemme know what you thi

Let it B!

My mind calls
I answer n I find myself losing u and in the divergence I begin to swear allegiance to the truth
I pause .. N my heart calls
I pick up. no one on the other line
Redial……… Dead tone
This phone alone can’t bring me back to u cause the truth speaks magnitudes.
My mind calls n im let known of ur treason
And it gives me the reason to believe u failed me
My heart calls n I refuse to answer… I know it’s just u n I have my mind made up
I can’t go on without the trust that u n I will fall in love

New tattoo

New tattoo

Mmmmmmm (Taken with instagram)

Mmmmmmm (Taken with instagram)

In other words …